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A lot of people have asked me how I got into real estate and note investing and what prompted me to write the Hunter's series marketing systems.  Here's the story...

In the mid 1990's, with some prodding from my sister (now my business partner), I began an intense study of real estate investing.  My family has always been involved with real estate and at the time I was working as  General Manager of a 900 acre residential community called Oyster Bay.  

I began my study by attending most of Ron LeGrand's real estate bootcamps, and I have nearly every one of courses.  I also borrowed countless books and tapes from my sister's collection, which includes work by notables such as Jack Miller, John Schaub, Jimmy Napier, and Pete Fortuno... just to name a few.

Around this time, I attended a Peter Lowe Success Seminar.  The next to the last speaker was either Colin Powell or Barbara Bush, and when he (or she) finished, there was a mass exodus from the Jacksonville Coliseum.  Being somewhat stubborn and not wanting to miss a thing, I stayed to the bitter end...and it may have been the best decision I ever made in my life.  As all these people were leaving (literally by the hundreds), the last speaker came on stage.  His name was Dan Kennedy and the topic of his one hour lecture was marketing. He was absolutely one of the best speakers I had ever listened to and even more memorable than that was how he was totally undaunted by all the people didn't phase him a bit!  I bought his marketing course on the spot and every since, I have been an avid student of Dan's teachings.

Also during this time, I was putting together a general real estate company on Amelia Island, Florida call Chaplin Williams Real Estate, Inc.  Always on the lookout for new and innovative marketing ideas, I found a fellow in Canada named Craig Proctor, who happened to be the #1 ReMax sales agent several years in a row.  He had a marketing system he had developed for real estate agents - so of course, I bought it and began studying his methods.

While I was learning Craig's system, I attended another Ron LeGrand seminar call "Guerrilla Marketing".  The strange thing was...Craig's system and Ron's Guerrilla Marketing system were alike in just too many ways.  They were both utilizing a marketing concept called Lead Generation Advertising and both described the one-step lead generation method and the two-step method.  

About the same time I realized these similarities, I was listening to a Dan Kennedy roundtable discussion tape and low and behold, Ron LeGrand was a member of the discussion group and Craig Proctor was mentioned on the tape.  As it turns out, Dan Kennedy is both Ron and Craig's marketing mentor and these guys pay Dan something like $5,000 or $7,500 per year just to be part of Dan's Inner Circle of "marketing gurus" and to attend his roundtable discussion.

Seeing the successes of these "guru" marketers, be it in carpet cleaning, general real estate services, real estate investing or information products - you name it...I realized that you might build a better mouse trap, but if you don't know how to market it, you will not be successful.  And just as important, you can be successful with only a mediocre mouse trap, if you just know how to market it!

Back to my real estate investing...well, my sister and I were offered a nice source of money with which to purchase notes and mortgages.  In order to find the note sellers (which I had not been very successful at in the past), I was determined to utilize and eager to implement all these new and innovative marketing techniques I had just learned .  So, I began writing the marketing pieces and started implementing the new strategies, and like magic---they worked!

Shortly thereafter, I went to Ron's LeGrand's "Paper Power" course in Atlanta. The course is fairly basic and deals with the nuts and bolts of calculating yields, etc. in order to prepare you to be able to make an offer on a note. I had been in the business a while and I realized that most people in this seminar would go home, work hard to master their calculators, print business cards, then run an ad that says...


"We Buy Notes & Mortgages" Call us Today! 904-904-9040


...then they would wait for their phone to ring. (I know, because this is what I did when I first got into the business!)

The second afternoon of the Paper Power seminar, I asked Ron to critique a marketing piece I had prepared called "Little Known Facts About Notes & Mortgages Only Your CPA or Attorney Could Tell You!". The following morning, he read this to the class and students were literally begging me for a copy. I realized that most would not know how to utilize the report in a two-step lead generation marketing campaign, so I went home and put all the pieces together. Those pieces included classified ads, editorial style ads, offer letters, offer postcards, free reports, a cover letter to be sent with the free report, follow-up letters, follow-up postcards and pre-recorded scripts.

I sat down with Ron and explained that his Paper Power course was great, except it didn't address the issue of discount note marketing. (Being well prepared doesn't matter at all if you can't get the phone to ring and you don't have any customers!)   Shortly thereafter, Ron and I signed a joint venture agreement and together we introduced Mortgage Hunter's Guerrilla Marketing Tools & Tactics at his next Paper Power seminar in Atlanta. The response was great - at $295.00 per course!

Being somewhat driven, I took all the concepts I had learned and packaged them for my single family home investing business.  The results of this endeavor resulted in Foreclosure Hunter's Guerrilla Marketing Tools & Tactics and Renter Hunter's Guerrilla Marketing Tools & Tactics.

Next, I went to LeGrand's "Internet Marketing" seminar and realized I could sell and deliver these products in digital format via the I would be able to charge about $50.00 for one of the courses verses $295.00.

Well, that's where I am today...(and I hope I haven't bored you).  Thank you for your interest in the products below and best of luck in your real estate endeavors!

Mortgage Hunter's Guerrilla Marketing Tools & Tactics 

Foreclosure Hunter's Guerrilla Marketing Tools & Tactics 

Renter Hunter's Guerrilla Marketing Tools & Tactics

Good Hunting!

Hugh Williams